Life Hacks Wednesday – HOW TO make a bathroom Air Freshener


This is my new series over at my Youtube channel Fernanyi Montero. I’m only at weeks #2 but it has been really fun so far. I will be posting all of the hacks here as well as the video. I hope is something that you are excited as I am.

Let me tell you whats this is about before I go ahead and show you the hack. So, I will research the world (internet, real word and under the rocks) to find the best hacks that will help you focus on your life and worry less about those things that should just be right. There is not define genre here it could be fashion, house stuff, even guy things. I just want to pour my hart into this series so anything I find that is amazing is going to be part of this. Now onto my hacks

Life hack This is amazing for those bathroom that won’t have it, no matter what you do the bad smell since to win all of the time. Well.. No more would that be the case if you try this. Just get some essential oils (choose your favorite scent) and pour some drops inside the toilet paper roll, the more drops the stronger the smell. Let it dry for a few minutes and thats it. Put it back in your bathroom and close the door. Next time you open it you’ll thank me.

One other thing you should try, If you keep more than one roll in the bathroom, not just scent the one your currently using but scent them all for an even stronger smell.

Now go watch the video for a more explicit explanation and remember this will be going on every Wednesday. Hugs and Kisses


Flower Printed Skirt


pic2 pic 1 I love this skirt, so sexy and cute. The two side cut outs are my favorite thing. I haven’t had a maxi skirt in a long time so this one was like a new awaking into this trend. Hope you enjoy the outfit.  pic6 pic3 pic8 pic5 pic4



I’m so tired :( I’ve been really getting use to the weekends I guess. Omg I never got to tell you what I did this past weekend. So long story short; I had so much fun. Saturday I had theater practice and thats always fun, then I went out for dinner with my mother in law. On sunday we woke up early and spend the entire day at the beach. My main focus was on getting a beautiful tan but I just got color on my face. Weird right? I made some homemade tanning lotion that was suppose to work but I guess it didn’t since I applied sunscreen underneath. Next time I’ll try it without the sunscreen and see if that makes a difference. Anyways I’m going to bed now, like I said I’m exhausted. I will post the outfit pictures tomorrow in the late afternoon, once I get home from work. Love you Hugs




food This is what I’ve been calling HEALTHY lately. Spinach, tomatoes (regular + cherry ones), mozzarella balls, giant white beans and tuna. I don’t know if I’ve mention this here but I changed the way I eat since april now. I don’t like to call it diet since i’m not constantly checking my calories, I like to call it “a new life style”. I stopped eating fry food, rice, pasta and anything in those families. I’m so use top it now that It doesn’t bother me and I don’t crave any of those things. What they say about doing something for 21 and the becomes a habit  is true. I’ve proven it.

I took some outfit pictures today so I’ll be sharing those later on today. Hugs

The Weekend is Here



I cannot describe how excited I am for this weekend. I wasn’t this excited not even for my birthday. I can’t tell you why I’m excited, no because I don’t want to, but because I don’t even know myself why I’m this excited. I guess because the weather is gonna be perfect for the beach. I so want to go to the beach on sunday. Let me cross my finger. Anyways today I spend the day between working and stopping here and there for some shopping. I bought a bunch of cute stuff. The only issue that I had was, that I was looking for some stripy sandals and couldn’t find them anywhere. It was a nightmare, like if they had stopped all of the sudden to make them!! I really hope I find some and fast. Now I’m gonna go change into my workout attire and work out for an hour, I think that should be enough for today since i’ve been walking the whole day. Gotta go now…