Clip In Bangs


Clip in bangs

I love trying new thing and this one was so much fun. They open a new beauty supply around my house and I just stopped by to see what was it about. I don’t know way but I felt like trying to see if they were going to be good or just a usual crappie supply, which is why I’m use to see in my area. Okay so I thought if they have clip-in bangs in the store they pass the test. guess what they did! and only for $4.00!! I know you can find clip-in bangs for like $2.00 on eBay, but you would need to wait for ages before you received them.

pic 2

I did a quick video on how I style them, so don’t forget to watch it. I will put the link below. I’m also working in one exciting projects that I will show you once I have more time. Hopefully soon

What do you think of clip-in bangs? are these just too much or you think you can pull it off? let me know what you think in the comments. Until next time Hugs**


Tyra Banks New Cosmetic Line

tyra makeup products

I think that deep down we were speccing this to happen some days, I mean this business and beauty queen was just missing a makeup line of her one. So, here you have it. I’m kind of late on this topic since the line has been out for a month or so, but since is not sold in every single makeup store I’m sure many of you didn’t even know this was going on. Yep Tyra decided to put her business woman hat on and do things a little different. She is currently selling her product on her website¬†¬†but you can also sign up to sell her product or better say has she call this “Beautyteiner”. This is kind of an Avon seller to me. I haven’t deeply research it but i’m pretty sure that’s what she means.

Now onto the products, she has a total of 9 products from eyeliners to lip products to even cheek sticks. The price range from the most expensive to be at $32.00 to $24.00, and this price is for individual products. She also has a set of bundle that is a little bit higher price. tyra banks beauty line Her personality really shine through the product in the packaging and in the promo videos of the line. You know Tyra will always be Tyra! Check her page for all the products and for the cool videos as well.

What do you think of Tyra new line? What do you think of her concept of having sellers for her line instead of stores? Let me know down below in the comment sections. Until next time Hugs

Still Homeless

This is my attempt to keep smiling even in this crazy time. I don’t want to complain, but man finding this house has been one of the most stressful thing i’ve been through. I still haven’t find anything, after non stop days of search. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. I’m just going to keep looking and pray I find a beautiful house that it has just been waiting for me. Thinking like this makes me feel better. hahah Please cross your finger for me so that you can send me some virtual luck. Hopefully tomorrow’s post is about that beautiful apartment I finally found. Hugs

2015 Planners

2015 planners 1. Kate Spade 2. Simplified Planner 3. Lilly Pulitzer 4. Erin Cordren 5. Erin Condren


I want to start the new year with a colorful planner, but man this is so hard. Now I know when girls say that it took them up to 3 months to decide. I just can’t makeup my mind. First I was really into the Erin Condren ones (4&5). Everybody seems to prefer that one, but I just can’t find a cover that I love. I really don’t want to commit to something I don’t love. I really love the organization concept but her colors are not my type. Then I found the Simplified planner (2) and this one I love the cover, but I’m quite skeptical about the logo on the cover. I just wish it was all lines and no logo. I also love that in days there is a part for “whats for dinner” and since I’m a girlfriend to be come house wife this must come on handy. Each one its beautiful in its on way but please help me pick one.

Which one is your favorite? Which one you think suites me the most? Leave your comment I would love some help. Hugs

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