Birthday Week


Now that my birthday week its over, I can come back and share it with you all. I wanted to have a special birthday week, so I took the entire week off from the blog. Not saying that when I write its because I’m not having a special day, but I really wanted to dedicate those days to myself. My birthday was the past Monday June 1st. and OMGGG it was pouring down like there’s not tomorrow. If there is something about me that I might have never mention it here,  is that I am as stubborn as a person can be, and a “little” rain was not going to ruin my birthday!! I had a very lovely week with all of the special people in my life, specially my mother that went all out on making me feel amazing. I am a big fan of cute by the water restaurants and needless to say that was part of the week as well.  Life its really short and years just fly by, so remember not to take your birthday for granted, you are breathing and you are alive, so go out and celebrate it!! I will show you some pictures I took, of awesome food we ate and awesome moments. I don’t have many pictures because when I’m having fun I tend to forget about pictures, I’m working on that. It sucks that then I have no pictures to show you at the end of the day! hahah I hope you have a lovely week. HUGS

fernanyi birthday birthday birthday birthday birthday birthday birthday birthday

A Vintage Skirt

vintage skirt Top: Handmade – Skirt: Thrifed – Bag: Michael Kors – Heels: DSW

Can I call it vintage even if I don’t know its age? I found this skirt on my recent trip to thrift store, and I love when I found cool pieces like this one. Not every skirt has to be mid thigh length. Right? The fringe at the bottom gives it a fun and young vibe but keeping the skirt pretty sophisticated at the same time. I pair it with this crop top that I made long time ago, I also wore it HERE. Since the skirt wasn’t revealing I thought that showing some skin on top was appropriate. These kind of unexpected combination its what makes me love fashion as much as I do.

On a side note the pictures editing might look a little weird or that they’re not following a color scheme, which I always do when editing my pictures, but I’ve been having problems with my photoshop. I learned to use photoshop cc6 and never tried it on a older version, but since mine crashed and I couldn’t wait to get it fix, I downloaded an older version just in the mean while. I didn’t know that accustom to a complete different look to the program was going to be such a challenge for me. Trust me I think I’ve pulled a few hair strings in the process. hahahah. But I wanted to let you know what was going on with the pictures. I’ll talk to you very soon! HUGS

vintage skirt vintage skirt vintage skirt vintage skirt

The Weekend

me weekend copy It was a long weekend here in the USA, and the three days off were much appreciate it. I just love when everybody’s off and the celebration is on the air. For some reason there is a different energy from just a regular weekend to a holiday weekend. Tell me if you’ve notice the same. I myself just spend the afternoons in the backyard taking in all of the sun that I could, and I think I will be doing a lot of that this summer. I also was thinking about the blog and the youtube channel and trying to think of cool things and Idea I would like to create for you guys. This whole journey has been very fun and I really want to keep it that way. If there is one thing that changes everything form me is that you always have to count the level of fun an activity has, and if you have the opportunity to raise that level than you have to do so. I’m excited and anxious to start working on all of the summer projects and you will find out as we go, but I can assure you that this summer LAUEST will be showing some bright colors! hahaha I hope you had a fun weekend, and I will talk to you very soon. HUGS

DIY Homemade Shaving Cream

What’s more exciting than knowing that summer is just around the corner? I don’t think that there is anything that can top that feeling, at least not for me. Summer is my favorite season and so is wearing shorts hahahah. Seriously I cannot wear jeans or anything long on the summer, I’m all about skirts and shorts. So my legs need to be flawless in order to rock all of those cute attire.

I go through shaving creams like theres not tomorrow, so I thought why not try to make my own. I had a lot of shea butter laying around the house and this is the perfect ingredient for something like this. The process is really simple and it only take 20 minutes to get it done, so I think is something we all can try if we looking for something that really moisturizes the skin. I added some coconut oil because everything its better with some coconut oil.

On the video I go over all the details, so you can watch it and tell me what you think. If you like me to make more quick DIY like this let me know. Thank you for being so kind with your comments! HUGS**


Mother’s Day With A Fun Twist

fun activities Good week my friends!! Here are some pictures from the past mother’s day. Oh man, we had so much fun! I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I grow up with the beach as my backyard. When I lived in Italy we had a restaurant by the beach, and while my parents were working their butt off I was strolling around through the mediterranean cost! Even if I go way back to when I was a baby and lived in the Dominican Republic, our house was seconds away from the sea. Knowing all of this about me, you can start to imagine how I feel about the beach, it’s my home. Seriously I feel like my hart it’s in peace, and so it’s my mom’s hart hahaha. So I decided to take her to a nice quiet beach here on the eat cost, but I didn’t just wanted to drive there, I wanted to make it more fun. An other fact about me is that I’m a very energetic person and anything involving any type of fun sport, is my kind of thing. So I proposed to rent some bikes and enjoyed the view and the wind in our hair instead of just driving there. My mom is a reflection of me so I knew this was going to be something that she would’ve enjoy, and so we did. We biked for like around 5 miles to get there, and then when we got there we just sat on the sand for as long as we could. She had a huge smile on her face so I know it was something she was enjoying.

I really believe on quality time and spending time with the ones you love, is so much meaningful than a big present. Just like I said on the video, sometimes the smallest things are the one that make the person happy. Just take a closer look to what makes their hart shine. I hope you have a lovely week. Until next time KISSES!

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