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look2 Is funny how time fly, it feels like it was yesterday when I was so excited that summer was around the corner, and today I’m saying bye to it. Anyways I’m over that if summer does not want to stick around with us he’s the one missing the fun! (this is the biggest lie i’ve ever said hahahah)

Do you like my editing? Please say yes because I really want to keep editing all of my pictures like that, I don’t know there is something about the mix of colors that I love. I have no idea how this kind of editing is call, if you know please let me know so I can avoid to sound like an idiot every time I’m trying to describe it.

Here I’m wearing a thrifted T-shit I thought I was going to cut it and make it some sort of crop top but honestly it looks so good just like that. My shorts aren’t really shorts, if you look closely you’ll see is a romper but I just decided to wear it down. I think it still looks cool, I would be able to seat at the cool kids table with this outfit. hahaha

Hope you enjoy you first weekend day, which is my favorite. I bow to you friday you’ve earn the best day of the week award :) Hugs talk to you really soon.

look chic me What I’m Wearing:

  • T-Shirrt: Thrifted
  • Romper: Forever21
  • Sneakers: Nike
  • Jewelry: H&M + Forever21

DIY Sand Scrub, for those not so delicate areas – Life Hacks Wednesday


sand 5
I personally hate when I buy a scrub that claims to be strong and then is far from that. Many products are made for delicate skin areas but I wonder, what about those places no so delicate? I think I’ve found the answer to my question. Like I said on the video, I actually came across this without even noticing just by playing with the sand at the beach. I know it the word sand may sound way to rough for some of you and I understand that, but I know that some of us really need that little extra strength that the sand can give us. If you one of those like me than here is something that is going to change the way you see the beach hahaha. You can thank me later. Hugs

You will need:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Sand (you can find it in craft stores or beaches)
  • Essential Oil (optional)
  • Jar
  • Spoon


Step One: Melt the coconut oil to a liquid consistency

Step Two: Mix the coconut oil with the sand

Step Three: Add essential oil for some scent.

That sounds pretty easy right! NOTE that if you live in a cold place the coconut oil will get stiff and go to a solid state. To avoid this just add a little bit of Olive oil and the problem should be resolved. I also am against measurements because they just make everything super complicate and can scare you away from trying something awesome like this. So now you don’t have any excuse not to try this. You can watch the video for a more accurate instructions.


I also added a FREE file that you can download and use it as a label if you want to give it as a gift or just jazz it up a little bit.


Download Yellow   download Blue

Life Hacks Wednesday – HOW TO make a bathroom Air Freshener


This is my new series over at my Youtube channel Fernanyi Montero. I’m only at weeks #2 but it has been really fun so far. I will be posting all of the hacks here as well as the video. I hope is something that you are excited as I am.

Let me tell you whats this is about before I go ahead and show you the hack. So, I will research the world (internet, real word and under the rocks) to find the best hacks that will help you focus on your life and worry less about those things that should just be right. There is not define genre here it could be fashion, house stuff, even guy things. I just want to pour my hart into this series so anything I find that is amazing is going to be part of this. Now onto my hacks

Life hack This is amazing for those bathroom that won’t have it, no matter what you do the bad smell since to win all of the time. Well.. No more would that be the case if you try this. Just get some essential oils (choose your favorite scent) and pour some drops inside the toilet paper roll, the more drops the stronger the smell. Let it dry for a few minutes and thats it. Put it back in your bathroom and close the door. Next time you open it you’ll thank me.

One other thing you should try, If you keep more than one roll in the bathroom, not just scent the one your currently using but scent them all for an even stronger smell.

Now go watch the video for a more explicit explanation and remember this will be going on every Wednesday. Hugs and Kisses




I’m so tired :( I’ve been really getting use to the weekends I guess. Omg I never got to tell you what I did this past weekend. So long story short; I had so much fun. Saturday I had theater practice and thats always fun, then I went out for dinner with my mother in law. On sunday we woke up early and spend the entire day at the beach. My main focus was on getting a beautiful tan but I just got color on my face. Weird right? I made some homemade tanning lotion that was suppose to work but I guess it didn’t since I applied sunscreen underneath. Next time I’ll try it without the sunscreen and see if that makes a difference. Anyways I’m going to bed now, like I said I’m exhausted. I will post the outfit pictures tomorrow in the late afternoon, once I get home from work. Love you Hugs


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