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These past weeks have been full of discovery and craziness for me. I know I’m touching the coupons topic two times in a row, but man how to ignore this. I have exactly a month since I started couponing, and I wish I had started earlier. Let me first start by saying that if you thinking on trying this uncommon hobby you have to be prepare for a total addiction to it, once you hooked there is not going back. I’m saying this from true experience, believe me when I say that I just can hold myself from going out without my little coupon pouch. Did you heard what I said? Yes you heard right! A month in, and I already have a pouch. I am far from a extreme couponer but I’m learning a lot.

couponing coupons

Here are a few of the purchases from the past weeks. These were all insane deals that I was able to pull together. I can’t quite remember all of the prices and deals. I know I should’ve save my receipts, I just can’t find them but I can assure you that all of these were at least 75% off. The first picture with the juices and the soaps was from target, I had a buy one get one free coupon for the juices and at target they were already on discount. So basically this is the secret, you find the coupons for the item and the you go and look for the store in which that Item is already on sale. I will try to post more break down deals so that you can actually see what I mean. Now I’m going to go I wish you a beautiful day night or whatever time is when you reading this. XOXO





Well the picture says it all… doesn’t it???? I’m kind of ashamed to admit how excited I am about this. I know normally you wouldn’t be too thrill of spending all of your money on soaps, detergent and beauty staff, but when you can get it all for free or almost free you just get suck into it. That’s exactly what happened. I always wanted to try to see how this would work out, but never really went all out or even sat down for more that 5 minutes to come out with deals, but that was before. Yesterday I got my sunday news paper and sat down for like 30 minutes trying to come out with the best deal I could get. The are a few website that make this process much easier, my favorite is “”. These girls make this so easy for you, all you have to do is follow their instruction and you will walk out of the store with at least a 75% discount for sure.

My first trip was today I decided to take down the drugstore first so Walgreen and CVS were my goals for today. Since it was my first couponing trip I wanted to keep it short and simple, but of course always something has to happen, cause other wise it would be fun right… Well, I wanted to buy some “Yes to Coconut” products since they were free after rewards, but something happened with my coupons, for some reason the machine wouldn’t read it and I wasn’t able to complete my purchase. I’m not even thinking about giving up, if thats what’s going through your mind right now, I will go back tomorrow and complete my purchase!! Watch me getting those things for free!!!! I will brake down the deal better for you tomorrow, so that if you have the chance you can take advantage of these coupons as well. I hope you are was excited as I am about saving a lot of money for 2015. What about you, is there any one else doing this? Is there any coupon girl reading this? Please let me know, It would be fun to chat about this as well.

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Longer Hiar

I’m a long hair girl, I have this crazy thing in me that I would love to have short hair but I don’t think I would actually do it until I’m 50. Let me clarify I just think that you hair looks better short when you hit that age, but let’s not even talk about it, I still have a long way o go before and many, many hairstyle before that.

Last time I cut my hair was around a year or so ago and I just had it trim and took out some bangs. I seriously don’t mean to complain but my hair is one side longer then the other. Pretty embracing if you ask me, but I have to do something about it right… You would probably say just cut it all to the shortest length and I should be ok, but why just go for the easier route when we can try to grow the other side to the longest part. Am I the only one who prefer wait months for the hair to grow instead of chopping it all off. I mean If we have an other option the best thing to do is to at least try it.

hair la vie, longer hair

I few weeks ago a company contacted me, is like if the universe or someone from adobe was listening to me or just watched me down the street and felt bad for me, and miraculously send them my way. I know there is a lot of maybe but I believe in possibilities and miracles. Anyway the company is called La Muse Beauty and they have a line called “Hair la vie” these are daily natural vitamins for hair growth. There are so many company out there that tackle this kind of thing, so is nothing new that there are vitamins that would do such a thing. I started in the month  of december, and they had send me 3 month supply so I will be documenting everything through my youtube videos. Make sure you subscribe (cheesy voice while I say that lol)

I’m crossing my fingers that this really work and that I gain some inches. If you interested in the company you can find them here Also check out the video, I explain everything better and with details.

Longer hair,hair growth

Thank you for reading I’m off to more editing now and I will talk to you soon XXX

Clip In Bangs

Clip in bangs

I love trying new thing and this one was so much fun. They open a new beauty supply around my house and I just stopped by to see what was it about. I don’t know way but I felt like trying to see if they were going to be good or just a usual crappie supply, which is why I’m use to see in my area. Okay so I thought if they have clip-in bangs in the store they pass the test. guess what they did! and only for $4.00!! I know you can find clip-in bangs for like $2.00 on eBay, but you would need to wait for ages before you received them.

pic 2

I did a quick video on how I style them, so don’t forget to watch it. I will put the link below. I’m also working in one exciting projects that I will show you once I have more time. Hopefully soon

What do you think of clip-in bangs? are these just too much or you think you can pull it off? let me know what you think in the comments. Until next time Hugs**


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