NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Quick Review


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I introduce to you my latest obsession!! NYX soft lip cream. From the moment I tried these I fell in love with this product. I’ve never tested anything matte on my lips so this was a first experience for me. Now I understand whats all the hype over this lip cream. They feel super soft and they dry even faster. When I mean dry, I don’t mean it in an uncountable way but more as if they become your new lips color. I wouldn’t call them lip tints but I think the concept is almost the same just adding the matte factor.

The shades I own are from the pink on top is Tokyo the red is Sao Paulo and the nude is Stockholm. They are very easy to apply and they don’t smudge at all, it might be thanks to the formula drying so fast. You might think when you first apply it, that they would feel like lipgloss, but they are far from being sticky or glossy.

The price range from 6.99 to 8.99 in some areas. I think this is a good price if you want to try them and see how you feel about the whole matte trend. I’m going to give them a 10 out 10 just because I truly can’t find anything bad about these lip cream.

Let me know if you give them a try and how you feel about them. Thank you for reading this, until next time Hugs!!

Hair la Vie Growth Vitamines 60 Days Progress

Let me just start by saying that my hair has grow! I’m taking all the fun away by saying right away the result, but I can hide my excitement! Watch the video for all the details or previous post HERE.

Ps: I just made a banana and dates smoothies and this thing is just gold in my mouth. I didn’t know about dates before, but now this smoothies has become one of my favorites! Can’t wait to keep making many many more!! hahah that was random. Hugs

From Curly to Straight – How I Straighten My Natural Curly Hair

curly hair to straight hair What a big difference ah… You might already know that I have natural curly hair like in the picture to the left. I love my curls and I try to keep a balance between curly hair and straight hair, so that I don’t damage my curls pattern. Trust me its not a fun thing, as I did completely ruined my curls once. It was all thanks to my obsession for a wet to dry straightener that I used to have back in high school. I would straight my hair from completely damp hair with the straightener and I would get super straight result, but little did I know that a few months into this new routine  I would be curls-less. Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 2.50.53 PM


Here you can clearly see what my hair had become.Sorry I couldn’t find a better picture, but I panic when I found out that my spiral were dead. I’ve never appreciated something so much, but they were gone now! Well long story short, I throw that flat iron away and started to research everything that I could find to get my curls back. But that would have to be an other post of its on.

I was able to get them back, and I love them but I also like straightening my hair, and so I found this method that does not damage your curls pattern and you can rock both your curls and straight hair and not be afraid to be curl-less. curly to straight hair

I hope you enjoy the video, let me know if you have any suggestion or any tricks on how you get your hair straight! Hugs to all! until next time.

Week Meals – What I Ate Last Week

Can you believe that swimwear season its only a few months away??? We need to get off those chairs, make ourselves some smoothies and start working out, if you haven’t already. I love working out but usually the winter just takes all of my motivation away. Seriously I can’t function properly if the sun is not shinning!! I’ve also completely clean my diet and turned on my healthy mode. I don’t consider my self an unhealthy person but sometimes you just detour yourself from the right path. I’ve been eating mostly a plant base diet with some cooked meals in between. I’m not vegan but I cut meat out of the diet for now, I find myself doing this at this time of the year. My only issue with the healthy lifestyle is the time. I think I’m the worst person when it comes having your dinner before 8pm, as you might know I’m a night person so a right dinner time for me is 10pm. Yes you can go ahead and yell at me, but I don’t go to bed until late at night so basically the three hours that you have to leave in between your dinner and bed time are there. Well I took some quick pictures and I just wanted to share the meals with you! I hope you having a great week and I’ll talk to you soon! Hugs

healthy meal healthy meal healthy meal healthy meal

How To Make Top Knot With Curly Hair

Am I the only one who gets a big headache when I have curly hair touching my face for too long?? I know it sounds crazy but is true. I can have my hair down for a few hours but then I just have to pull it away from my face, so what better way than an up knot. In the video I show you how I achieve this look when the hair gets a little too crazy. This is just the way I do it. I hope you enjoy the video, and thank you for you support. Hugs


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