My Dream Wedding – Turning Dreams Into words


Because I know we all dream about it. Some of us already have it all planned out from the dress to the flowers and cake. I didn’t want to feel left behind, so here is my take on it. Because secretly I always had my planned too…

my wedding

I was really used to being in weddings growing up. My grandmother used to make tailor wedding dresses. I remember tulle and all kinds of lace fabrics laying around the house. All of those excited bride would be so nervous, when they first tried on what it was going to be their dress for the special day. This would happened every week if not many times a week. I was always playing around and trying to learn some sewing skill from my Mami (thats how I call her.) I don’t quite remember how it all started but I end up being the flower girl, or the girl who hold the rings, or something that they would made up. But I was actually booked in advance for several weeks. Thinking about it now, it sounds kind of crazy but I did enjoyed doing that. For me all it meant was a new dress, which my grandma would make for me according to the bride’s dress. Even though I was part of a different wedding every week, seen strangers tightening their knot didn’t made me fantasize about my own wedding. It all changed in my aunts wedding, I was very little, I was probably 5 year old or something like that. Her wedding was a beach wedding, but not those on the sand, it was rather of a hotel venue by the the beach, you could see the sea but you wouldn’t get your feet on the sand or anything like that. I can’t quite explain what was that captivated me so much but there is something about that day that was perfect; the weather, the venue or just how happy they looked. Well all is left to say is that from that moment I told to my little self “I want a wedding just like this”

With the help of  a wedding platform where planing your wedding is made easier. They asked me to check their website, and once I did all I talked for a week straight was about my imaginary wedding.

Let’s start from the venue since is the one thing I have really clear, and I mean REALLY clear. I don’t mean to sound like a bradzilla, but hey, this is going to be my day so I expect at least the venue to be like I always envisioned in my mind. Ok, first Its going to be a beach wedding, I think thats pretty clear by now, but not any kind of beach wedding. I want to go the same direction my aunt went for hers. I want a venue that the sea is right there, but that the guests don’t get to go in the sand. I guess what I mean is that the outside is more of a grass with a lot of trees (or better palm trees) but not sand. The venue needs to be facing the sea, or at least the dining area, so that the guestes can enjoy the waves against the shore as they enjoy their meal. So this mean that the walls are all made of glass, there shouldn’t be any barrier blocking the view. I want this to be as breath taken as possible. Now that I’m talking about the venue and the dining area I should stop and think about the menu, but the truth is that I have no Idea. I’m a fish person so I think I would like to incorporate some of that in the final menu but is quite early to decide on that!

Now is time to talk about my decoration. I mean flowers, center pieces, invitation and all of that. I don’t have it all figure it out, but I know the style that I want. I guess I should start by saying that I love a clean but chic vibe. I think for me that would mean a lot of blacks and whites with a pop of color. My favorite color is orange, so I think I would go for a peach accent or something in that family. I can imagine a lot of soft peach peonies like these ones Here throughout the room. Oh and by the way, lots, lots, of flowers everywhere. I think I would also love to add some crystal here and there just for a refection of the light in all of those unexpected places, just to make the night a lot more romantic then what already is.

Now lets talk about the personal things, and by this I’m talking dresses, cakes, accessories and so on. I’ve never had a picture in my mind of the perfect dress, but I think after trying hundreds of dress, I would end up with something looking somewhat like this one Here. I love how elegant is on top and how playful it becomes on the bottom. I think it reflects me perfectly. The cake I see really with a minimalism eye, like this one Here. I love how the flower are actually they main focus of this cake, just beautiful. Now is time to talk about the shoes, to tell you the truth I always wanted my dress to cover my shoes, but I think these one Here, this would be more of the choose I would take. The only thing left now are the bridesmaids dresses, I really like this one Here in particular but I’m sure I would let them choose something that goes with my dress but that they also feel beautiful in them.

I want to hug you, and just jump with you if you made it this long. I know this is a lot of wedding rumbling for a fashion and beauty blog, but lets faces who doesn’t dream about this day? I do, and so here is my quick take on it. It would be fun to go back to this once I’m planning my real wedding, and see if I end up chaining anything or if my taste completely changes from here to that day. If you know, or if you have a vague idea on how is your dream wedding, lets talk about it in the comments section. Is it going to be a beach wedding, or more of a country side vibe? Do you want lots of flower, or flower aren’t really your thing? Just share it down below it would mean the world to me to chat with you. Thank you again for your time until them kisses.

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How I Dye My Hair Green, Easy Simple Steps

It might be something unexpected from me but lets face it, its hard to resist when you see all of those bight colors so close together at the beauty supply. I was drawn instantly to the green, it just looked so beautiful. I went several time back to the store, and I would always have an internal fight with myself on either I wanted to try this or skip it. I surly don’t regret winning that debate with my more conservative side, after all I always end up my sentences with “you only live once!” I guess my young age is hard to hide when I come across stuff like this. Anyways I’m going to stop rumbling and go straight to the steps. I hope you find this helpful and simple.

It only took me 2 hours to complete, and the dye was only $4.99. There’s really no excuse on why not to try this if you want to experiment with bright colors. Remember you are your own judge, so It doesn’t matter if you 15,24,30 or 50. It all depends on how you young feel inside.

hair 1 Here is the dye I used. It’s called Sparks, mine was the green Ivy shade.  I bought it at my local beauty supply but you can also find it on or in their website (note: the shop section says coming soon, so it should be available from their website sometime in the future.) The price for mine was $4.99, I don’t know if it was a special that they had going on at the moment.  Since the cheapest I can find online is $6.99. Either way I think the price is pretty awesome.

The instruction were pretty clear on the packaging, but if you are more of a visual person you can see their how-to videos .

What I Used:

  • Sparks Dye
  • Bowl
  • Tint Brush
  • Gloves
  • Foil
  • Spray Water Bottle

Step 1.

Pour they dye on the bowl and stir it until smooth. hair 14

Step 2.

Divide your hair into an inch or two inches section. The smallest the section the better, I think. Clip each section with a piece of foil underneath. This is to help you brush the dye on the hair and so that you can wrap the hair right after you done with that section. hair 3

Step 3.

Brush on the dye. I started with the front pieces because it was easier for me, but you can start anyway you want, the result won’t change. This was the most challenging part of the process, so if you’re not carful you will get some dye here and there. So use a shirt that you really don’t mind ruing it.



Step 4.

Fold the hair on each foil paper . Fold it inward so that nothing falls out. Now wait. The instructions say to wait 20 minutes, but I just felt that 20 minutes wasn’t enough and I waited around 30 minutes instead. So here you decided how long to wait. Just remember that the instructions call for 20. hair7


Sep 5.

Into the 10 minutes with the dye on my hair, I took a spray water bottle and sprayed each section with water between the dye hair and the non dye hair. With this you create that faded effect and you have more of a blended effect in the transaction to the regular hair color and the dye part.

Hair 8

Step 6.

Rinse. I sugest to rins on the sink since this will dye anything that comes in touch with. Yeah even the bathtub. So keep in min that. Also try to use cold water it will make your hair less dull and shine more (trust me.) hair 9 Step 7.

Style!! yes that its all. The hair will smell so good after the dye. I think they add some fragrances just to hide the dye smell. It might not be everybody’s taste but I did like the smell. Here’s how the hair looked right after shampoo and conditioner. hair 10

Remember I have a mix of light and dark browns in my hair. So keep that in mind when deciding if you need to bleach your hair or not. I didn’t and I think I got a pretty bright result according to the shade of my hair.

hair11 try 1 I honestly loved the result and I will keep you updated on how long it last. If you try anything like this or if there’s anything that I forgot to mention just ask me on the comments and I will get back to you. Until next time Kisses

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Its Time to Start Layering

big6 Is pretty obvious that fall in the fashion world means layering. Leaving the fact of how much I hate the winter behind, I can tell you that I’m pretty excited about the fall this year, and is all thanks to this amazing jacket and the pink one I bought a few weeks back (I wore it here). I am crazy about leather jackets and anything in that family, but the past two years I haven’t really pay that much attention to them. I don’t know what is it about it the color blocking effect, the material or just that though feeling that it gives. Totally sold on that.

Going back to the topic, like I said is time for layering. Here is starting to get a little chilly so layers are your best friends. Is just so easy to take things off as the days warms up around noon time, and the building the outfit back once it starts to get a little cold, around early evening. This is just a very easy way to layer but really effective and cute as the same time. I hope you enjoy it and I will talk to you soon.

big4 big 3 big 2 big 5 What I’m wearing:

  • Buttom Up: Express
  • Sweater: Forever21
  • Jacket: Express
  • Jeans: Express
  • Heels: DSW


Last Summer Look

look2 Is funny how time fly, it feels like it was yesterday when I was so excited that summer was around the corner, and today I’m saying bye to it. Anyways I’m over that if summer does not want to stick around with us he’s the one missing the fun! (this is the biggest lie i’ve ever said hahahah)

Do you like my editing? Please say yes because I really want to keep editing all of my pictures like that, I don’t know there is something about the mix of colors that I love. I have no idea how this kind of editing is call, if you know please let me know so I can avoid to sound like an idiot every time I’m trying to describe it.

Here I’m wearing a thrifted T-shit I thought I was going to cut it and make it some sort of crop top but honestly it looks so good just like that. My shorts aren’t really shorts, if you look closely you’ll see is a romper but I just decided to wear it down. I think it still looks cool, I would be able to seat at the cool kids table with this outfit. hahaha

Hope you enjoy you first weekend day, which is my favorite. I bow to you friday you’ve earn the best day of the week award :) Hugs talk to you really soon.

look chic me What I’m Wearing:

  • T-Shirrt: Thrifted
  • Romper: Forever21
  • Sneakers: Nike
  • Jewelry: H&M + Forever21

DIY Sand Scrub, for those not so delicate areas – Life Hacks Wednesday

sand 5
I personally hate when I buy a scrub that claims to be strong and then is far from that. Many products are made for delicate skin areas but I wonder, what about those places no so delicate? I think I’ve found the answer to my question. Like I said on the video, I actually came across this without even noticing just by playing with the sand at the beach. I know it the word sand may sound way to rough for some of you and I understand that, but I know that some of us really need that little extra strength that the sand can give us. If you one of those like me than here is something that is going to change the way you see the beach hahaha. You can thank me later. Hugs

You will need:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Sand (you can find it in craft stores or beaches)
  • Essential Oil (optional)
  • Jar
  • Spoon


Step One: Melt the coconut oil to a liquid consistency

Step Two: Mix the coconut oil with the sand

Step Three: Add essential oil for some scent.

That sounds pretty easy right! NOTE that if you live in a cold place the coconut oil will get stiff and go to a solid state. To avoid this just add a little bit of Olive oil and the problem should be resolved. I also am against measurements because they just make everything super complicate and can scare you away from trying something awesome like this. So now you don’t have any excuse not to try this. You can watch the video for a more accurate instructions.


I also added a FREE file that you can download and use it as a label if you want to give it as a gift or just jazz it up a little bit.


Download Yellow   download Blue

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