New Nike Air Max 90 Cork


nike air max cork How cool do these babes look? Or am I the only one going a little over board over these Nike new creation? Nike is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year and to pop the champaign they are releasing the “Cork” air max. They should be on their website sometime this month but AFEW already carry them and is not surprise that they are out of stock at the moment. I can tell why this is happening, I mean look at the color combination. To me is everything and they did such a clever job picking red and black and white as the complimentary colors.  air max cork

If your looking for something with a little more texture, with the perfect summer color combo then you have to sign up for the waiting list. I’m sure one day your name will rise to the top of the list and you’ll have the luck to rock this one of the kind sneakers. They retail for $135.00 which is their range price for collaboration or special reales. Let me know what you think of these, even if your not a sneaker person you might have felt something when you  first saw them!! hahaha HUGS

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Spring Look – OOTD

Spring look Hat: H&M – Top: Thrifted – Shorts: Target – Jacket: Forever21 – Flats: Target

I haven’t done an outfit post in almost a year, it feel surreal to finally post one!!! Since is getting warmer I am “sooooo” excited to start coming up with outfit Ideas. I’ve been thinking on starting sewing again but I don’t know yet. It just all depends on my feelings towards the sewing machine. For now I hope you enjoy this one. It’s a really simple look but I find it delicate, I guess is because of the printed shorts or the ivory color of the top. All of the look is really affordable, so its easy to recreate if you want to give it a try. Let me know what you think. Happy week to all HUGS.

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DIY Spring Serving Trays

craft ideas Who’s not excited that spring has finally arrived? I know I am, and I can bet you are too. I want to spend every second, every moment I can outdoors. I’m such a summer girl that is kind of sad since all we get are 3 month of amazing weather. But I’m starting this year with a fun DIY for all of you that love entertaining. I came up with the Idea of a serving tray because I was seeing them everywhere and they looked super cute so why not recreate it.  DIY serving tray DIY serving trays


One is more rustic, with a cork surface and some “country handles.” The other one is more chic and modern. I love them both, but I wanted to show how easy is to create them. I made a video because is much easier to see the steps, than me trying to explain them with words. I do want to mention that is super easy, you can create this in just an afternoon. I did use a drill and to be honest I was a little scare about it but I end up learning how to use it. I can say I’ve become a pro at it! Just kidding but what I’m trying to say is, not to be scare of tools they are there to help and make the job so much easier.

I’ll leave the link below so you can check out the video and I will talk to you very soon HUGS*

Maybelline Brow Drama Quick Review

maybelline brow drama First I want to thank you if you are one of those who watch my videos!!! It just makes me so happy that you take your time to come watch me talk and talk for 4 minutes straight, and sometimes even more! Thank you!!!

Now lets dig into this Maybelline product. Like I say in the video no I haven’t seen anybody who love this product. It might be due to the fact that we just expect things to be magical in some way. For me this product is just a tinted brow gel. So lets ask ourselves, what does a brow gel do? Well, It keeps your hair in place once you have “style it” your desire way. That its basically it all that a brow gell suppose to do, but for some reason we have this expectation that it will magically drawn our brow and that it would work perfectly on its on. Well, if thats what you expecting this is not the product for you. This would keep your brow hair into place, but thats all it will do beside adding some color. In order to make this work you have to use something else if you are used to fill in your brow. So far so good, but there is once thing that bug’s me more than its ability to fill in your brows, and that is the applicator.  aplicator As you can see it has a “ball shape” at the tip, and this stopes you from brushing your entire brow without getting the ball to touch your skin in those thinner brow angles. I think if the applicator would have been just a normal mascara aplicator or even just a bit taper at the end, this would have been a different story.  maybelline brow drama

The product ranged around $6.99 up to $10.99 in some areas. My final thought regarding this is that if you already have a brow gel you can totally skip on this, is just isn’t so special. If you are on the look for a brow gel then you can give this a try. Overall I give this a 6 out of 10.

I hope you enjoy the quick review, if you want to check out the video I will leave you the link down below, and once again thank you for your support. Hugs

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Sunglasses Addiction – Quay

quay sunglasses Don’t tell me your not obsess too!! These really would make anybody fall in love, and I think I’ve fallen so deeply that I just want them all. I found this new company, well not new but new for me, its call QuayAustralia you can check them out HERE. What got me so over the moon was the variety of shapes they are offering, usually a sunglasses brand specify on one or two model and really get well know for those few models. Lets take Ray-ban for example they are well known for their wayfarer style and the aviator style that is it. If you want some cool cat eye you might not find what your looking for there. Finding every shape possible of sunglasses in one place really excites me not only because they are just there but because they create this feeling of wanting to own them all! I can definitely find an occasion for some cat eye ones as well as some rounded mirror ones. Anyways, I still haven’t make up my mind on which to order, but I leaning towards the cat eye if you haven’t notice it hahahaha. Now is just a matter of deciding do I want a pattern or do I want to stick with  black. Urggg its so hard!

What are your sunglasses options for this Spring and Summer? Do you have a specific obsession for any sunglasses like I do here? If so let me know in the comments below. Until next time Hugs!

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