DIY Homemade Shaving Cream


What’s more exciting than knowing that summer is just around the corner? I don’t think that there is anything that can top that feeling, at least not for me. Summer is my favorite season and so is wearing shorts hahahah. Seriously I cannot wear jeans or anything long on the summer, I’m all about skirts and shorts. So my legs need to be flawless in order to rock all of those cute attire.

I go through shaving creams like theres not tomorrow, so I thought why not try to make my own. I had a lot of shea butter laying around the house and this is the perfect ingredient for something like this. The process is really simple and it only take 20 minutes to get it done, so I think is something we all can try if we looking for something that really moisturizes the skin. I added some coconut oil because everything its better with some coconut oil.

On the video I go over all the details, so you can watch it and tell me what you think. If you like me to make more quick DIY like this let me know. Thank you for being so kind with your comments! HUGS**


Mother’s Day With A Fun Twist

fun activities Good week my friends!! Here are some pictures from the past mother’s day. Oh man, we had so much fun! I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I grow up with the beach as my backyard. When I lived in Italy we had a restaurant by the beach, and while my parents were working their butt off I was strolling around through the mediterranean cost! Even if I go way back to when I was a baby and lived in the Dominican Republic, our house was seconds away from the sea. Knowing all of this about me, you can start to imagine how I feel about the beach, it’s my home. Seriously I feel like my hart it’s in peace, and so it’s my mom’s hart hahaha. So I decided to take her to a nice quiet beach here on the eat cost, but I didn’t just wanted to drive there, I wanted to make it more fun. An other fact about me is that I’m a very energetic person and anything involving any type of fun sport, is my kind of thing. So I proposed to rent some bikes and enjoyed the view and the wind in our hair instead of just driving there. My mom is a reflection of me so I knew this was going to be something that she would’ve enjoy, and so we did. We biked for like around 5 miles to get there, and then when we got there we just sat on the sand for as long as we could. She had a huge smile on her face so I know it was something she was enjoying.

I really believe on quality time and spending time with the ones you love, is so much meaningful than a big present. Just like I said on the video, sometimes the smallest things are the one that make the person happy. Just take a closer look to what makes their hart shine. I hope you have a lovely week. Until next time KISSES!

Girl Power

thrifted shirt Shirt: Thrifted – Jeans & necklace: Forever21 – Heels: Zara – Sunglasses: Express

You might ask me why I titled this post like Girl Power, but the truth is it just came to my mind, I liked it and I wrote it. Maybe deep down I feel like that, and my subconscious is just trying to tell me that through random thoughts. Don’t pay attention to me, I’m just a bit crazy lol

Besides the girl power, here is an outfit post. Can we stop and say “yayyyyy” for a second…. Ok, so now that we are done with that lets talk about this outfit. First the top, I adore this piton print. I found it in one of my latest trip to the thrift store, it was super big on me, but nothing that a swing machine and some time wont fix. Is super easy to do and there are tons of tutorials on how to custom fit a shirt, but if you want me to make a quick DIY post just let me know in the comments section. The rest is just basics, I didn’t wanted to go too over the top so I just through on some jeans and classic black strappy heels, also worn HERE and HERE.

I hope you have a lovely week and that the weather wherever you are is amazing. I will talk to you very soon. Thank you for all of your sweet comments. HUGS thrifted shirt thrifted shirt thrifted shirt thrifted shirt
thrifted shirt

Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Mother’s day is way to close to ignore this topic, we have 4 days left until we have to come up with something reasonable for our mothers. I was thinking about my mom on this video, but I think you can take these tips and apply them to your own mother. I always believe that the answer to many things come from the small things, and this is not exception. Sometimes when we pay attention to the little thing we can magically come up with the best present idea for this mother’s day. Remember that money and material things are not the only way to go, use your hand, you imagination and I’m sure something good will come up. I hope you enjoy the video. Have a lovely rest of the week HUGS!!

The Spring Coat

fashion blogger fashion blogger Coat: Forever21  – Body Suit: Similar Here   –  Shorts: Thrisfted  – Booties – Similar Here 
Happy week!!! I’ve been trying to post this outfit pictures in for ever, but always something came up and I had to push it back. I took these pictures last weekend. I’m in love with this light weight coat. The color is perfect, the texture is perfect and the length is perfect!! I think it will come in handy for those breezy summer nights, when you want something not to heavy but that covers you just enough. The shorts are super high waisted so I just went for a body suit.

I hope you have a awesome rest of the week, I will have more outfit pictures up this week so stay tune for that. You can subscribe to my mailing list, is that box to the right where it says SUBSCRIBE. If you do, you will be receiving an email every time I post something new, so that you don’t miss any look. Thank you for your support. Until next time HUGS  fashion blogger
fashion blogger fashion blogger fashion blogger fashion blogger


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