Alexander Wang For H&M



The Balenciaga creative director is the next collaboration for H&M. That was the great fashion news circulating today. The big announcements was last night at a the most music festival event, Coachella. I wasn’t that surprise but surly I was super excited, but only until I saw the launch date NOVEMBER 6TH. Come on, couldn’t be more far away. I was looking forward for some spring/summer pieces but I guess it will be fill with jackets and scarfs.

Sunshine Is Back


DSC_0662 It feels so good to feel the sun on your skin. To feel how your skin is soaking all of the good the sun has to offer. I’m definitely a summer girl, it just gives me an internal happiness that I can’t describe. Please Summer HURRY UP and knock on my door.

Here is the outfit post I promise you a few days ago. I was without the computer for a few days thats why I’m a little late on that, but here you have it. Have a beautiful weekend Friends.
DSC_0639 DSC_0645 DSC_0663 DSC_0675 DSC_0690 DSC_0710

Fresh or Dirty


DSC_0726 How cool does my hair look? Well not really. It was getting oily and I didn’t have time to wash it and so I curled. You can really fake new wash hair when you curl your hair. I’m so happy I went back to dark hair, I was missing my natural color.

I took a few outfit picture yesterday. We haven’t take pictures in like a year so they are not as goo but eventually we’ll get to the same label as we were when we left off. I’ll post more later. Now I’m going back to bed, I just took a few minutes to do some exercise and now im back to dreaming!! hope you have a good Monday.



I have a new video on my Youtube channel. Just a few things I bought and wanted to share. I’ve been addicted to candles lately so on the video i show you my latest buys. I also went to lush and picked up a few things from there. Anyways everything is on the video so I hope you like it. Now I’m off to enjoy this beautiful sunday. Hope you have a lovely afternoon. talk to you later Hugs***


My Breakfast


DSC_0633 Healthy breakfast for me today!! I’m going to try to keep up with actually having breakfast. I usually always skip it and then by lunch time I’m starving. Now that my work schedule went down an hour maybe I’ll have time to eat in the morning. This is my favorite kind of breakfast, egg, toast yogurt with dry fruits and nuts and a big glass of orange juice. It keeps you fool so that your not dying by 12.

I shot a video yesterday but’ll be posting it tomorrow, right now I just finished watching a new series called The 100. It looks cool so far I’ve only watched the first two episodes so we’ll see how much I like. Now i’m off to bed ,hope you have a wonderful friday. Hugs