Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2013-2014


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If you are a fan of bold pieces than you might like the Chanel Haute Couture fall 2013-2014 exhibition, held tuesday at the Grand Palais in Paris. Designer Karl Lagerfeld really wanted to get his vision across, starting from the perfectly ruined theater, to the futuristic backdrop. Going over the runway pictures you can see stone and pieces of the theater in every corner, it kind of reminds me of the ancient  greek ruins, and I’m not going to lie I was expecting some kind of goddess to make an appearance at the very end, but that did not happened. The collection was somewhat futuristic with a bit of a retro vibe. The major fabric was the famous Chanel tweed, but this time was taken beyond the traditional blazer and they showed skirts and hats out the same fabric as well. One thing that catch my attention was, the various time he incorporated big belts on his design. In this case we are not talking about waist belts, but of a bold belt dropped down all the way to the hip line. Who knows, maybe we will see more of this trend in upcoming runways or maybe it will be what wold take part of the waist belt. The hair was kept away from the face with a definite futurustic ponytail which went perfectly with the backdrop. Overall what else is there to expect from this major brand, as always keeping their name in the market and making those front row costumer  very happy!!

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